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ADT Systems monitor security in SoHo, 5/1974 Photo ©2002 Allan Tannenbaum
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  • Any SoHo News staff member or contributor can have their own homepage with reminiscences, souvenir photos, links to former SWN contributions, and links to web sites. For an example, go to the 'Who' page and click on any homepage. It's easier for us if you make it yourself in MS Word or Netscape Composer but we can make one for you in our style. You will need to email words and photos according to guidlines explained below.
  • We want your SoHo News articles for the sections on art, music, politics etc. They should refer to volume, issue, page number, photo, and photographer of the original SoHo News publication. We also need your photos for the photography section and/or for the history of the paper.
Guidelines for Submissions:
  • Words: MS Word .doc in 10 or 12 point Arial or Helvetica
  • Photos: 72 dpi jpeg no more than 640 pixels on a side saved at 8.
  • Email all files as attachments to an explanatory message to Boo.
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